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DMM Alpha Trad Quickdraw
The Alpha Trad excels in Summer and Winter, from cragging to expeditions and everything in between. The beautifully hot forged ergonomic back combines with the clean nose wire gate to provide an easy clipping, fumble-free, anti-snag biner. Full size clean nose wire gate biner Strong and lightweight I-Beam...
DMM Shield Quickdraw
The distinctive twisted Wirelock gate and kinked backbone make the Shield an eye catching biner. These striking design features are not just for show they make the biner easier to handle and safer to use. The patented Wirelock clean nose means that it wont snag on bolts, wires or tapes, plus the narrow...
MAMMUT Bionic Express Set
The high-end quickdraw in the Mammut collection. The two stylish Bionic carabiners are connected by a 10 mm Dyneema sling and guarantee optimum handling. Strategically place grippy groove on the back of the carabiners for easy handling. Strength: sling 22 kN, straight (major axis) 25 kN, (minor axis,...
$28.00 $26.60
MAMMUT Crag Indicator Wire E..
This quickdraw connects the two Crag carabiners (solid gate and wire gate) with a polyester sling, which features Indicator technology: In the event of damage or abrasion to the webbing, the red core indicates that it is obligatory to replace the sling. A groove on the solid gate make it easy to clip...
OCUN Hawk QD Combi PAD 16
This is for a single quickdraw Draws especially recommended for multipitch climbing Top Hawk Straight carabiner (with K-lock) for easy protection clipping 16 mm Polyamide webbing with high durabilitity; lenght: 10 cm Bottom Hawk Wire carabiner (with K-lock) for easy rope clipping and elimination of gate...
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OCUN Kestrel QD Nano 8
Ultra-light QD, having no competitor in its weight category. Who has no preconceptions and who does not assess strength and reliability only by dimensions, gets an advantage on big walls. Kestrel QD sets can save you the weight of one liter of water. Hot-forged construction with all the benefits of the...
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Still the ultimate on-sighting draw Heliums are the definitive 5 star choice for those who climb with no compromise. In revised colours which quickly identify each length Heliums are now easier to spot when racked and easier to rack. They feature our new 10mm dyneema and are available in three lengths:...