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FLASHED Bamboo Brush
The Bamboo Brush was designed with its namesake in mind; durable, strong and versatile. Perfect for all situations. This brush is great for all types of holds; large slopers, small crimps, inside pockets... list goes on. Made of boar's hair. Two holes allow you to put a cord and bring the brush with...
A durable double-ended synthetic brush that cleans away the most caked on chalk or dirt. Durable double ended brush. 16 gauge heavy nylon bristles. Stiff bristles for scrubbing the smallest dimple. Short abrasive bristles to scrape the hardest caked on grit.
FLASHED Sumi Brush
The Japanese art of calligraphy was the inspiration behind this brush. Bouldering is much like Zen thought, confidence and flow are the main ingredients for success. The Sumi Brush was custom designed for climbing; longer bristles for durability, a secondary brush for tight spots, made of biodegradable...
WPC Lycan Bruch
There is nothing like it out there on the market... it's the Wolf Pack Climbing Lycan brush! 100% Boars hair, wider head and stronger neck. The Lycan is also the first and only climbing brush to have a built-in file for those burly calluses or anything else that might need filing down. The 100% Boars...