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DMM Demon 2 Cam - size 4
Without its anodized color-coding, DMM's Demon 2 Cam looks a lot simpler than its predecessor, but it functions much better for climbing, and that's what counts. DMM rid the cam's colorization to give each lobe a better grip in any type of rock for more friction and confident placements. Also new to...
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DMM Dragon Cam Original Full..
Original Dragon Cam (2015) A lightweight single stem cam with dual axles. Special thumb grip and trigger bar for easy handling Hot forged cam lobes to reduce weight A6082 cam lobes for added bite Original 13.75 camming angle 14kN in passive position (sizes 1-6) Fitted with extendable 8mm Dyneema slings...
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DMM Dragon Cams
The Dragon's striking TripleGrip cam lobes feature an increased contact area with a raw aluminum finish and additional bite points. These features work together to increase friction between the cam lobe and the rock it's placed in. This increases holding power and reduces walking, particularly in slick...
KAILAS Nuco Cams
NUCO Cams, with innovative design and powerful property, is the best choice to tackle the narrow crack. The built-in spring makes the head of the cam smaller. The edge of the cam is processed into rounded corners so that the cam can better fit in with the rock and enlarge the friction area. The cam is...
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TOTEM Totem Cams
The Totem Cam offers an extraordinary holding power and unique capabilities with the patented Direct Loading Camming Device system. An exclusive design which features everything you require of a cam for all-around use and broadens placement possibilities, making it the most appropriate for demanding...
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Using a sliding ball-and-ramp, BallNutz protects small parallel-sided cracks better than any other piece of protection available. The head is so narrow and small they fit where the only other option for pro would be pounding a pin. Colour coded for fast identification. Lighter than a pin and far more...