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FLASHED Billy Bucket
The Billy Bucket is a streamlined, chalk housing, accessories packing dream! Big enough for two hands to chalk up, 2 zipper compartments for all your personals, 2 elastic holders for brushes, pouch on the back and front for brushes or whatever you like. It also has a roll-top closure to make sure chalk...
KAILAS V15 Chalk Bag
This big size chalk bag is designed for chalk sharing in bouldering or in climbing gym where group climbing occurs. A pouring-proof design prevents chalk accidentally fall off the bag. The bag includes a large zipper pocket and 4 brush holders. The more rigid sides prevent the bag to fall itself and...
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MAD ROCK Chalk Pot
Unlike bags with zippers, the roll top design provides a secure seal and problem free closure when stowing away. Constructed with a combination of our 1680 denier polyester and Mad Pad nylon, this chalk pot will be around the circuit for years. Mesh pouch for items 4 Brush holders Weight 180g.