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GRANDWALL Stainless Steel As..
Stainless Steel multi-point belay station with more clip-ins along the chain, hangers, and ring. The 2 bolt hangers holes take 10mm or 3/8inch expansion bolts. Breaking Strength: 30kN Weight: 555g (19 oz) Length: 30cm (12 inches) Made in Taiwan
GRANDWALL Stainless Steel Bo..
Stainless Steel Bolt Hanger with large radius edges to protect the carabiners. The hanger eye takes more than one carabiner. The bolt hangers holes take 10mm or 3/8inch expansion bolts. Breaking Strength: 30kN Weight: 52g (1.8oz) Made in Taiwan
GRANDWALL Stainless Steel Ex..
Stainless steel 3 inches long expansion bolt 10mm in diameter with nut and washer for rock climbing routes. Drill the hole into the wall, hammer in the expansion bolt, and draw it out with a wrench to tighten it. Weight: 55g (1.9oz) Made in Taiwan
GRANDWALL Stainless Steel Ra..
The GrandWall stainless steel rappel ring helps you retrieve your climbing rope at the end of a rappel and ensures your rope pulls free from the anchor; works with slings or chain anchors. The stainless steel makes the ring stronger against the wear and friction of the rope than the aluminum. Strength:...
KAILAS Belay Station
Belay station made with steel and suitable for various types of climbing. Made of high-quality SUS316 stainless steel, this product has strong corrosion resistance. Each bolt is double ring expansion. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the product. The hanger and the bolt must...
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KAILAS Climbing Tool Bag
Perfect for bolting task, clean and open new routes. Drills, hammer, bolts, brushes and much more space for lunch and water or what you want. You can even use it when building your patio or your roof's house, with style. Durable PVC laminated fabric 1 roomy pocket, 3 vice removable pockets, 1 zipper...
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KAILAS Double Expansion Bolt..
KAILAS stainless-steel hanger and bolt can be used for setting an anchor point and a belay station during the climbing, caving and working at heights. Double-ring expansion bolt is applicable to a variety of rocks, for example, limestones with a medium degree of hardness and also weak rocks. Made of...
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KAILAS Quick Link Maillon St..
Quick Link Maillon is used to set protection points and connect gear. It is applicable to the situation where the gate must be locked without frequent open. Materiel: SUS304 stainless steel Gate: Hexagonal Dimension: 74.5 X 38mm Inside Dimension: 56 X 16mm Diameter: 8mm Gate opening: 11mm Major Axis...