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FLASHED Bamboo Brush
The Bamboo Brush was designed with its namesake in mind; durable, strong and versatile. Perfect for all situations. This brush is great for all types of holds; large slopers, small crimps, inside pockets... list goes on. Made of boar's hair. Two holes allow you to put a cord and bring the brush with...
A durable double-ended synthetic brush that cleans away the most caked on chalk or dirt. Durable double ended brush. 16 gauge heavy nylon bristles. Stiff bristles for scrubbing the smallest dimple. Short abrasive bristles to scrape the hardest caked on grit.
FLASHED Finger Tape
If your fingers are feeling the strain from pulling on rocks or plastic this tape will keep your digits in place. Finger tape provides support to your tendons and pulleys while you climb through the grades with confidence. Serrated edge to easily tear Serrated edge helps eliminate threading. Sticky adhesive...
FLASHED Sumi Brush
The Japanese art of calligraphy was the inspiration behind this brush. Bouldering is much like Zen thought, confidence and flow are the main ingredients for success. The Sumi Brush was custom designed for climbing; longer bristles for durability, a secondary brush for tight spots, made of biodegradable...
KAILAS 5 Step Aider
5 Step Aider is designed for climbing. Made of high-strength nylon sling of 18mm width. The top of the aider has been reinforced and a loop is attached. The aider maintains open, which makes it easy to stop on. It's easy to carry and helps you go through rough terrains quickly. Length: 135cm Load: 300kg...
KAILAS Arco 40L Backpack
The Arco is designed as an haul bag for use on shorter walls. It's also a very good pack to bring your gear at the crag for a climbing day. Made with abrasion resistant eco-friendly PVC fabric. 2 zip inside pocket for easy storage of small items Portable shoulder and waist straps. The waist strap is...
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KAILAS Ascender
Its widely applied to SRT technology and used for ascending a rope during climbing, caving, rescue and work at heights. An ergonomic design with a handle made by secondary injection molding to provide better comfort and feel. The cam ratchet design reduces resistance when the ascender is in process,...
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KAILAS Belay Station
Belay station made with steel and suitable for various types of climbing. Made of high-quality SUS316 stainless steel, this product has strong corrosion resistance. Each bolt is double ring expansion. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the product. The hanger and the bolt must...
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KAILAS Climbing Tool Bag
Perfect for bolting task, clean and open new routes. Drills, hammer, bolts, brushes and much more space for lunch and water or what you want. You can even use it when building your patio or your roof's house, with style. Durable PVC laminated fabric 1 roomy pocket, 3 vice removable pockets, 1 zipper...
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KAILAS Double Expansion Bolt..
KAILAS stainless-steel hanger and bolt can be used for setting an anchor point and a belay station during the climbing, caving and working at heights. Double-ring expansion bolt is applicable to a variety of rocks, for example, limestones with a medium degree of hardness and also weak rocks. Made of...
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KAILAS Dyneema Anchor Chain
With its innovative design, KAC (KAILAS Anchor Chain) is sewn with several webbings. The strength of EACH KAC webbing is 22kN, which is safer and more convenient, completely eliminating the risk of improper operation. Different colors of webbing help increase the operation speed. KAC Dyneema is made...
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KAILAS Gear Bander Strap
This gear sling is necessary for traditional and aid climbing. It keeps more gear organized and reduces the load on the harness. Load Bearing: 50kg Padded and meshed breathable shoulder strap Detachable structure, so you can adjust it to fit your left or right shoulder, depending on your habits 4 gear...
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KAILAS Quick Link Maillon St..
Quick Link Maillon is used to set protection points and connect gear. It is applicable to the situation where the gate must be locked without frequent open. Materiel: SUS304 stainless steel Gate: Hexagonal Dimension: 74.5 X 38mm Inside Dimension: 56 X 16mm Diameter: 8mm Gate opening: 11mm Major Axis...
KAILAS Ropan Sling Bag
Ropan is a portable bag to store ropes. In outdoor climbing, it can be unfolded and works as a ground sheet to prevent ropes from being stained by sand and mud. After using, the ropes can be packed into the bag quickly. Dimensions: Unfolded: 120X130cm, Folded: 45cm in width Dustpan-like design helps...
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KAILAS Rope Guard
When the rope is used along the rough and sharp edges of rocks and buildings, the double-layer rope guard can protect the rope from wearing. Length: 60cm Wire clip can clip on the rope tightly and it's adjustable Made of sturdy and durable material The hangers on both ends allow multiple rope guards...
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KAILAS Sherpa Strap
This Kailas strap is small, high-strength, portable and widely used all around the world. It's made of high-strength nylon 20mm width and 30mm for the middle part. The wide part makes it comfortable for step in as an aider or a shoulder strap. Used for carrying the wounded in emergency , carrying heavy...
KAILAS Stick Clip
Winner of ISPO AWARD, ASIA OUTDOOR INDUSTRY AWARD and EDITORS' CHOICE CLIMBING When the first bolt is too high and intimidating, you shouldn't worry, because the award-winning Kailas Clip-Up is a great helper when you clip the first quickdraw. Aluminum alloy, foldable, lightweight Use to clip the quickdraw...
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A large swivel for the hard work. A swivel prevents the rope from twine and twist when it bears the load. The triangular shape makes it less prone to stuck under roofs when hauling a bag. The aperture is big enough to accommodate 3 to 4 carabiners. Dimensions: 55 X 108 X 32mm Load: 30kN Certification:...
KAILAS Swivel Mini
The Swivel Mini prevents the rope from twine and twist when it bears the load. The aperture is big enough for 2 carabiners. L ight and handy The bail bearing provides superior property and reliability Dimensions: 85 X 39 X 29mm Load: 25kN Weight: 90g Certification: CE0321
ORCGEAR Belay Glasses
Ontario Rock Climbing (ORC) Give your neck a break! Whether it be a long route or a climbing partner who just has to try the crux for the 127th time, these belay glasses help you look up and will save you from the dreaded belayers neck . Theyre lightweight, fit over glasses, and use high-quality prisms...
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PETZL Lim'Ice - Ice Screw Sh..
All professional climbers will told you: Sharp your gear. This tool make the work so easy and reliable. You can sharp your screw on passenger side when you travel to an ice route. You can used it when you watch an hockey game on TV. No need to to immobilize your screw and spend hours with many files....
PETZL Micro Traxion
MICRO TRAXION is an ultra-compact, extremely light progress capture pulley that is exceptionally efficient. The cam can be locked in open position so the device can be used as a simple pulley. Description Ultra-compact and lightweight Versatile: - toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance...
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PETZL Tibloc
In a bind, this ultra-lightweight ascender can be used to build hauling systems or as a friction-knot replacement in self-rescue situations. Use with the ULTRALEGERE pulley for an ideal lightweight, compact emergency hauling kit. Chrome-plated steel cam with angled teeth and self-cleaning slot securely...
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TEMBO Belay Glasses - Metal ..
Save your neck with style. Compare to the usual plastic belay glasses, the thin stainless metal frame is more durable and allows you to see your surrounding Mounted with high transparency prisms, silicone nose pads and flexible alloy bows make it the best belay glass. This classic design focuses on every...