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CASSIN Laser Harness
The Laser is the harness of choice for high-end sport climbers who are looking for a comfortable harness that still offers all the performance attributes of a true red point harness. The waist and leg loops are constructed from laser cut webbing fixed to soft 3-dimensional mesh padding on the interior...
$125.00 $75.00
EDELRID Leaf Harness
A good thing can come in a small, strong package, especially when it comes to the Edelrid Leaf climbing harness. Lightweight and with minimal packing size, the Leaf's laminated construction will keep you safe on the slab and provide the confidence you need to get to the top. Laminate construction distributes...
$89.00 $71.20
EDELRID Moe II Harness
A lightweight, comfortable harness for sport climbing. The Moe II Harness features an Easy Glider buckle at the waist for a secure and comfortable fit and anatomically shaped leg loops with elastic mesh inserts that mold snugly around your thighs. Four symmetric fixed loops and two attachment options...
$79.00 $63.20
EDELRID Smith Harness
The Edelrid Smith is an incredibly lightweight and compact general purpose climbing harness with fixed leg loops at a great price. Utilising Tri-lamination technology the Edelrid Smith Harness' main components are seamless, lightweight and supple. This construction creates a harness so comfortable that...
$99.00 $79.20
KAILAS Airo Harness
The Airo is a tough lightweight harness with high performance that offers reliable protection especially for rock climbing and ice climbing. The ergonomic design of belts and leg loops can strengthen the support for the body. It can provide maximal degrees of body freedom together with high comfort without...
$139.00 $97.30
KAILAS Pneuma Harness
Pneuma is a lightweight, all-terrain harness with high performance. Its designed for sport climbing, technical climbing and ice climbing. The ergonomic design of belts and leg loops strengthens the support for the body. It provides maximal degree of body freedom together with high comfort without any...
$139.00 $97.30
KAILAS Tabary Harness
Another ISPO AWARD won by Kailas. The Tabary harness is the most advanced sports climbing harness. Incredibly super lightweight and comfortable it's made to challenge the extremes. Take it for sending your project and defy the gravity with only 195g. The Tabary harness could also be an ideal choice for...
$199.00 $159.20