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Protect and organize your winter rack with the Black Diamond Ice ScrewUp. This lightweight, convenient roll-up pouch protects the threads and teeth of your ice screws and saves space when they're stored in your pack. Snag-free slots for six screws and a zippered mesh pocket to hold caps Secure buckle...
DMM Bulldog - Ice Piton
Winter climbing protection is often about making the best of whats available. In an ideal world, this would be ice screws in bullet hard ice and bomber rock protection throughout. However, our winter world is far from ideal and so inventive use of our Bulldog has been crucial in offering protection in...
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GRANDWALL JoffreLake Ice Screw
Available in 12cm, 17cm, and 22cm lengths, the JoffreLake Ice Screws are made of chromoly steel with stainless steel hangers that are very light, won't rust, and reduce melt-out on sunny routes. Fast and easy to place, the JoffreLake Ice Screws bite into ice for quick and easy placements. JoffreLake...
KAILAS Ice Piton Storage Bag
Ice screws are not include Made of highly wear-resistant fabric. It stores 8 ice screws and has a zippered pocket for small items. It's not bulky and easy to carry. Adhesive material and 2 straps with buckles make the roller tight and prevent ice screws from slipping out of the bag.
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KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
Boasts of several patents, the Swift Ice Screw as won the ISPO Gold Winner Award 2015-2016 and the Asia Outdoor Industry Award . Weight: 82g (13cm), 88g (16cm) and 97g (20cm). Made of ultralight 7075 high-density aluminum and stainless steel. Trapezoidal threads for small friction enables easy insertion....
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The Snow Anchors were designed from the ground up exclusively as anchors in snow fields and glaciers. Extruded from 6000-series aluminum, the anchor-shaped cross section holds better in snow than any other picket available. Zero sharp edges insure they wont cut packs, jackets, or shred ropes. A beveled...
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PETZL Lim'Ice - Ice Screw Sh..
All professional climbers will told you: Sharp your gear. This tool make the work so easy and reliable. You can sharp your screw on passenger side when you travel to an ice route. You can used it when you watch an hockey game on TV. No need to to immobilize your screw and spend hours with many files....