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KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
KAILAS Nuco Cams
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NUCO Cams, with innovative design and powerful property, is the best choice to tackle the narrow crack.

• The built-in spring makes the head of the cam smaller.

• The edge of the cam is processed into rounded corners so that the cam can better fit in with the rock and enlarge the friction area.

• The cam is made of 6061-T aluminium and through CNC digital control technology.

• With the slot processed diagonally, the cam has increased friction force and is thus more difficult to move.

• The cam pull utilizes strong steel wire ropes and fixed systems, which keeps the cam in the correct position.

• With the powerful spring, the cam can fully extend itself to stay against the rock, and with its extraordinarily pliable and tough body it will not shift slowly 
because of the shake of the rope or other factors, which plays a decisive role in climbing in complex areas.

• The mixed size (hybrid size 1.5HY, 1.8HY and 2.2HY) is sort of asymmetrical design, namely, the two cams of one side are big in size while the two cams of 
the other side are small, which is particularly designed for the internally-small and externally-big horn-shaped crack.
• To obtain stronger friction force, we don't color the cam (coloring means anodic oxidation treatment, which can change the surface hardness 
of the aluminum alloys and as a result it's not easy for the cam to "penetrate" into the rock).

• The unique high-frequency hot melt processing procedure guarantees the high intensity of each cam.

• The movable two fold nylon protective cover prevents the cam from wear and tear.

• High-intensity Dyneema slings are adopted.

• The shorter trigger stroke helps to achieve more accurate and stable operation.

• The size number is represented by the crack width (cm) for optimal setting for each cam, i.e. the value obtained when the extension scope of the cam 
is about 33%. Therefore the size number shows the application condition more clearly.

• There are five sizes available. Each size has a particular color, so it's convenient for quick selection.

• Made in Spain

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Classic design
This classic design has earned it's merit on many a test piece around the world. A go to in the small cam world the Nuco is an excellent addition to any trad rack.
jai critchley
Thank you
Just got my Nuco in the mail in USA. Easy transaction, shipped in less than a week. Cams look great, can't wait to whip on them!
Stephen Lander
Nuco is the Totem Basic
This is definitively a quality product. The 4 Nuco cams I got are exactly the same as the Totem Basics, just a different name and packaging. I couldn't find new Totem Basics anywhere (overseas included), and Verticall delivered in a few days. The Totem shortage is a thing of the past thanks to Verticall.
Mark L
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