KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
KAILAS Swift Ice Screw
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Boasts of several patents, SWIFT Ice Screw as won the ISPO Gold Winner Award 2015-2016 and the Asia Outdoor Industry Award. It's the lightest climbing ice screw. It's fast, small and is insertion friction is low. The hanger is big enough for two carabiners but it's also very short for less cleaning area on the ice. All these advantages make it the optimal choice for climbers. 

Screw tube and hanger are made of 7075 high-density aluminum. The drill is made of steel for an excellent bite on the ice and easy sharpening.

● Ultra-light: 82g (13cm), 88g (16cm) and 97g (20cm)

● Trapezoidal threads for small friction enables easy and stable insertion

● Teeth of the drill is optimized to facilitate bite into the ice

● Special helix angle to reduce resistance and enhance durability

● Patented foldable crank knobs

● The hanger can fit two carabiners at the same time, which is highly convenient

● Strong and ultra-light ''I'' beam hanger

● Very short hanger facilitate screwing into small, narrow and sculpted ice 

● Reflective silver color will not attract the heat from the sun and prevent melting ice around the screw

● Easy to use with gloves on

● Available in 3 lengths, color-coded for quick indexing

● Come with cap protector and threads protector

● Patent Number: 201220659277.2

● Certification: CE1015, EN568 

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Simply the best in the world
THe petzl ice screw was the best before this Kailas ice screw. We have to wait for the newest green screw from black diamond but for now it's the lightest ice screw in the world. The tooths grab the ice as easy as the petzl. The handle does not open by itself like the petzl. It rack better than the Petzl because it's less thick where the hanger join the tube. The hanger is also I beam frame like any modern lightweight carabiner. You can girth hitch the hanger with a sling and it wont cut the sling if you fall.What I really like the most is the hanger is shorter but still good to clip 2 carabiners. Shorter hanger mean this screw need less cleaning. It will dig easily around icicle or any other obstacles. The plastic handle make it possible to grab in your mouth, unlike the Black Diamond.
Ice Master 2.0
Lighter than the Petzl Laser Light
Nicely balanced and really feels like nothing in your hand. I like that the hangar can hold two carabiners and the fact it s diameter is significantly smaller than the BD which makes it less of a pain in the ass to chip away at ice so you can screw the whole thing in. It s also thicker than the BD so it s merely impossible to bend and warp. The handle is plastic which is nice so it s light and the colour won t fade. It s also beefy enough when wearing thicker gloves. When closed it ergonomically fits in your whole palm giving you a more even push on the end. Also when opened up it s a lot longer and the angle makes it a breeze to screw in. I was a little apprehensive about the threads and them being so thin but it screwed in very nicely and felt solid. The teeth were suuuuper sharp and are a smidge bigger than the BD. I tried to take a photo of the backside of the teeth which you can see is also well sharpened on an angle. The bite on these things are phenomenal. I don t know if they re just brand new but usually only a one quick half screw in-out-in and these were in solid enough to open up the handle and finish the job. Only time will tell how they will hold up in really cold temps to see how the steel and aluminum react with each other. Also curious to see how the sharpening process will turn out since there is very little steel to play with. All in all I am very impressed with them.
Michael Palma
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