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KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
KAILAS Totem Cam
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The Revolutionary Invention: Produced by the patent technology of the cam system of independently balancing the load, TOTEM has the best grabbing force, which makes it the superior spring-loaded camming device with all cam properties that you need.

• As for this patent design, all the four cams can independently bear the load in balance and have the maximum friction force after being placed properly, which solves the problem probably occurring to the traditional cams, like incapability to touch the rock effectively or bearing unbalanced force.

• The particularly large scope of adaptability (1.64:1) helps you handle your setting more freely.

• With the slot processed diagonally, the cam has increased friction force and is thus more difficult to move.

• Only three cams or even two cams can bear the load independently.

• Made of steel wire ropes, its very pliable and tough and can be twisted easily, which plays a decisive role in climbing in complex areas.

• With a powerful spring, the cam can fully extend itself after being placed so as to stay against the rock and it will not shift slowly 
because of the shake of the rope or other factors.

• The built-in spring makes the head of the cam smaller.

• The cam is made of 7075-T6 high-intensity aluminum and through CNC digital control technology.

• No anodic oxidation treatment is applied to the cam (namely no coloring) and thus allows the cam to produce stronger friction force. 
Anodic oxidation will change the surface hardness of the aluminum alloys and as a result, it's not easy for the cam to "penetrate" into the rock under the force, but instead likely to slip.

• High-intensity Dyneema slings are adopted.

• It is easy to be handled even with gloves.

• The size number is represented by the crack width (cm) for optimal setting for each cam, i.e. the value obtained when the extension scope of 
the cam is about 33%. Therefore the size number shows the application condition more clearly.

• There are five sizes available. Each size has a particular color, so its convenient for quick selection when using the cam.

• US Patent 7,014,156

• Made in Spain

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Could I put 6 stars? It deserve it.
This is simply the best cams available on the market. Even the newest DMM Dragon, WC Friends and BD Ultralight are not good as the oldest Totem cams. Why? Because of the design that applies an equalized load onto each lobe. That's why Totem cams are also a lot better on flare crack than most cams. The holding power is simply the best. Others cams have one stem with 4 lobes. Totem is 4 wires with 4 lobes. Each totem cams is mostly 2 cams of 2 lobes each equalized by a sling. When belayer said that you should put 2 protections close together, it's what you did each time when you put a single totem cam. You can also just fit 2 lobes in the crack and clip the wire of the 2 camming lobes. This tiny placement makes the cam the best for aid climbing. Totem cams are the more flexible cams make it very good in a horizontal placement. They don't walk as other. They fit where no other cams fit. The apply force is the same no matter how the cam is open or close. Others cam are more strength half close and decrease when the cams open. So when the crack is flare all cams will not be perfectly balanced for the load tension on lobes except the Totem. It will always be perfectly balanced 25% on each 4 lobes. What you learn when building an anchor is it should be equalized. Totem cam is the only cam that will be always perfectly equalized. The head of the Totem is so much narrow. It can fit in a small pocket where other cams of the same size range will not. It's narrow because the springs of the totem are on the wires not beside the lobes. Even the X4 that BD describes like this: ''The X4's embedded cam springs allow for an ultra-narrow head width that fits in those tight spots other cams won't.'' is wider than the Totem of the same size range. One of the main advantages of the BD C3 it's the super narrow head but it's only 3 lobes. With the Totem cam, you have the same wide but made with 4 lobes. What should I say more? Also, the Totem is longer than all other cams except those with a double sling when is extended like DMM Dragons or New WC Friends. Longer cams are less prone to walk and does not need quickdraws as shorter cams. Totem allows 3 positions to clip the biner if a rock is in the way or might open the gate. So you can move the biner where it's the best. For aid climbing, you can also clip the cams high. The downside of the Totem is it rack on the wide side so it's bulkier on the harness and it's not super light but I don't care of that small minus. This cam is 6 stars out of 5. It's simply above all others, period. When we compare cams every climbers claim some feeling to pretend wich cam feel better. The climber wants to promote what he uses for the last 10 years just to convince himself he did the right purchase. Most of what I explain in the review are facts, not feeling and this could not be ignored except by a no-brainer. Sorry to be rude.
Flexible cam
Really flexible cams and a great size for horizontal placements. I like the fact that the cams can be clipped in several different places along with the ability to place only have the came in a very shallow crack.
Jesse-Jane Van Zyl
Most versatile cams
These cams are a true advance in engineering, the ability to place them in non perfect parallel's not only makes them more versatile but also much safer to place. A must have for climbers looking to start traditional climbing and a true upgrade for the more experienced!
jai critchley
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