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BLACK DIAMOND Ultralight Cam..
On fast-and-light missions and smash-and-grab ascents when weight really matters, the Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight presents a 25% weight savings over the Camalot. With sculpted lobes that account for a portion of the weight savings, the Camalot Ultralight features a dyneema cord in place of a cable...
Combining unparalleled expansion range with single-stem flexibility and a narrow head width, the Black Diamond Camalot X4 represents the missing link in our gold-standard Camalot family. The smallest three sizes of the X4 feature our Stacked Axle Technology, which uses a unique machined axle to give...
DMM Dragon Cam Original Full..
Original Dragon Cam (2015) A lightweight single stem cam with dual axles. Special thumb grip and trigger bar for easy handling Hot forged cam lobes to reduce weight A6082 cam lobes for added bite Original 13.75 camming angle 14kN in passive position (sizes 1-6) Fitted with extendable 8mm Dyneema slings...
$927.00 $787.95
KAILAS Nuco Cam First Genera..
The NUCO cam ( first generation ) is the best choice to tackle the narrow crack at a very generous price This special pack includes a set of 5 cams (1.65 Green, 1.8HY Green/Yellow, 1.9 Yellow, 2.2HY Yellow/Red and 2.4 Red) and 3 more cams of your choice. FEATURES Cam lobes are made of soft 6061-T aluminum...
$960.00 $624.00
KAILAS Nuco Cams
NUCO Cams, with innovative design and powerful property, is the best choice to tackle the narrow crack. The built-in spring makes the head of the cam smaller. The edge of the cam is processed into rounded corners so that the cam can better fit in with the rock and enlarge the friction area. The cam is...
$120.00 $96.00
KAILAS Totem Cam
The Revolutionary Invention: Produced by the patent technology of the cam system of independently balancing the load, TOTEM has the best grabbing force, which makes it the superior spring-loaded camming device with all cam properties that you need. As for this patent design, all the four cams can independently...
$145.00 $116.00
KAILAS Trad Pack
Start with the best trad gear or take this to supplement any rack at a very generous price. This package includes a full set of Totem Cam (5), full set of Nuco Cam (7) and a full set of Emery Nut (10). There is a total of 12 cams and 10 nuts.
$1,680.00 $1,260.00