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KAILAS Fusion 9.9mm 60m
Rope destined for sport climb in climbing walls and routes of varying lengths, it has an excellent resistance/longevity ratio. With its classic and environmental friendly material, it is a rope for all types of climbing, from sport climbing to climbing walls to routes of varying distances. Every Kailas...
$375.00 $281.25
KAILAS Intuit 9.4mm 60-80m
This is the ideal rope for sport climbers who like lightweight and flow. Its triple standardization, ENDURANCE construction, filaments with FULL DRY and SPD technology make it an all-terrain rope both for classic climbers (double or twin) to top sporting climbers. Its design prolongs the life by reducing...
$375.00 $281.25
KAILAS Siurana 9.6mm 60m
SIURANA 9.6mm rope features durable quality, making it a high-performance rope that s perfect for both sport climbing and climbs of various distances. Simple, pleasant to the touch and easy to knot. Environmental friendly material offers high performance. The design prolongs the life by reducing penetration...
$375.00 $281.25