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BlueWater 1" Tubular Climb-S..
Sold by the meter Favored by professional climbers for its uncompromising construction, this webbing outperforms normal mil-spec webbing in strength, flexibility, knotability and durability. There is a minimum exposure of individual fibers as a result of high thread count and fine weave pattern. CE and...
DMM Dyneema 8mm Sling
This is the super light end of the DMM range, the perfect sling for anybody who is serious about reducing the weight of their rack. The super skinny profile means that you can deal with some extremely narrow threads. Dyneema absorbs so much less water than nylon, making it perfect for wet, snowy or icy...
GRANDWALL Dynema Sling
The Dyneema Sling is 10.0mm wide and it has nylon stitching for extra high strength, durability, and low weight. Certification: CE 0321, EN 566, UIAA Breaking Strength: 22kN Length: 60cm/23.6in, 120cm/47.2in Width: 10mm/0.39in Weight: 19g/0.67oz (60cm), 37g/1.3oz (120cm) Instructions (PDF File Size:...
The Nylon Sling is 16.0mm wide and it has nylon stitching for extra high strength, durability, and low weight. Available in 60cm and 120cm Certification: CE 1019 EN 566 Breaking Strength: 22kN Length: 60cm/23.6in, 120cm/47.24in Width: 16mm/0.63in Weight: 39g/1.37oz (60cm), 79g/2.78oz (120cm) Instructions...
KAILAS Dyneema Ultra-Light S..
Ultra-light sewed webbing loops made of high-strength Dyneema of 10mm width, suitable for extreme climbing. Available in 4 sizes: 60cm, 80cm, 120cm and 160cm Color coded for easy identification: Orange 60cm, Blue 80cm, Green 120cm and Red 160cm Low water absorption rate Weight: 21g (60cm) Strength: 22kN...
KAILAS Sherpa Strap
This Kailas strap is small, high-strength, portable and widely used all around the world. It's made of high-strength nylon 20mm width and 30mm for the middle part. The wide part makes it comfortable for step in as an aider or a shoulder strap. Used for carrying the wounded in emergency , carrying heavy...
KAILAS Webbing
Sewed webbing loop is less bulky than knotted webbing and useful for extending pro or looping around natural features. Available in 3 sizes: 60cm, 80cm and 120cm Color coded for easy identification: Blue 60cm, Orange 80cm and Gray 120cm Made of high-strength nylon of 16mm width Certification: CE1019...
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PETZL St'Anneau
Dyneema webbing sling. The STANNEAU is a lightweight alternative to classic slings, available in three lengths, with color coding for easy identification of length. Description Lighter and more flexible than nylon slings Very abrasion resistant Width: 12 mm Available in 3 color-coded sizes for easy identification:...